Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life is never a smooth ride.

Sofia’s babysitter abruptly stopped providing for children. Now we are out of childcare… SHIT. All of the daycares around here are filled up. So what now? Attempting to find another home provider that does not want like 4 million dollars a year.

Child support would be so helpful on days like today. My grandmother and my good friend Ashley have offered to help out, but finding a new provider is so hard. Plus everyone wants to charge like an arm, and a leg to watch children. Wish me luck in finding a new provider.



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  2. I'm sorry to hear about your babysitter dropping you so abruptly. To say that is inconvenient is a HUGE understatement. I was a full-time working mother for my son's entire life (he's 18 now) so I understand the importance and peace of mind of having good childcare. I hope you are able to find a worthy replacement quickly. (I have a blog on here too!)

  3. It's been really hard. I'm so greatful to have such an amazing and supportive family who can help me in times like this.

    I'm heading over to check out your blog right now. :)